Active grant support:
UIC Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Cycle 1 Seed Funding, “Molecular Design of Electroactive Liquids for Batteries“, 2019-2020 [UIC News release]
National Science Foundation
 (CHE-1664632), “SusChEM: Bimetallic Catalysis for C-C and C-X Bond Formation,” 2017-2020
National Institutes of Health/NIGMS (R01 GM116820), “Copper-Sulfide Model Complexes for Small Molecule Activation,” 2016-2021
National Institutes of Health/NCCIH&ODS (U41 AT008706), 2015-2020 [Center for Natural Products Technologies, PI: Guido Pauli; role: co-I]
Completed grant support:
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2015-2017
ACS Green Chemistry Institute (Pharmaceutical Roundtable Grant), “Bimetallic Approach to Iron-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions,” 2015-2017 [press release]
National Science Foundation (CHE-1362294), “SusChEM: Base Metal Heterobimetallic Catalysts For C-H Borylation And C-C Coupling,” 2014-2017
UIC Campus Research Board (Pilot Grant), “Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation Catalysis Using Metal-Metal Cooperativity,” 2013
UIC Department of Chemistry (Departmental Start-up Funds), 2012


Individual members of our group have received support from the following awards:
UIC Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) Junior Faculty Travel Grant
Raman Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research for Indian Scholars in the United States
Benjamin B. Freud Award
Paaren Graduate Fellowship
UIC LAS PhD Student Travel Award
UIC LAS Undergraduate Research Initiative
UIC Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award
UIC Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant
UIC Bridges to Baccalaureate Program